BroadGrace Church


Sunday Meeting

Our main weekly meeting is each Sunday at 4pm. Here we will listen to a Bible reading and a talk from the reading, we will usually sing some songs praising God, we will pray to God and spend time getting to know each other better in discussion and over some good coffee and cakes. The meeting usually finishes about 6pm.

Our meetings are laid-back and friendly, and we don't assume that people have been to church before. We don't mind if you've never been to church before. and if there is anything that you don't quite get, tell us afterwards, it will be our fault for being confusing, not yours! We normally sit with some of us round tables, some in rows, and there is no dress-code.

Community Groups

We have two community groups that meet mid-week, one is centred in Horstead and the other in Sloley. The midweek meeting schedule varies for the two groups so for more information drop us an email at  to check about what meetings are happening this week.

Kids Club

This club is a chance for the children of BroadGrace to learn about Jesus in a way that is aimed entirely at their level. We look at a Bible story each week and help the children to see how following Jesus is not just something for grown ups. We have lots of games and crafts. The club is aimed at children of around primary school age.

Kids’ Club meets on some Sunday mornings, from 10-11am. We meet in the downstairs hall in our River Rooms building. To find out when it is next on, contact us at