BroadGrace Church

Useful links

Here are websites you might find interesting and useful. Just click on the name of the church or organisation and their website will open in a new window.


John, our pastor, is on Twitter. His identity is @John_Hindley if you want to follow him.


BroadGrace has an online bookstall provided by 10ofthose. Click on the link below to go to our bookstall where you will find some books that we think you would find particularly helpful, and access to all the resources available from 10ofthose. 10ofthose is a Christian ministry aimed at making good, biblical resources available easily and as cheaply as possible to churches.

BroadGrace online bookstall


We are blessed with good relationships and gospel partnership with a number of other churches in East Anglia. Particularly significant to our church life are Christ Church South Cambs, whose pastor, Tim Chapman, serves as one of our external trustees.

We are also part of a warm training partnership, 'Equip'. This was begun by three Norwich churches, Surrey Chapel, St Andrew's and Servant's Church, alongside Broadgrace. 

Here are links to find out more about these great, gospel churches:


These are the sites of organisations that we have a link with as a church.

Acts29 Europe - a network of church planters that John is part of. It is the sister network of Acts29 in the United States of America, and you can find that websitehere.

The East Anglia Gospel Partnership - a network of churches across East Anglia.

Rural Ministries - an organisation that supports rural churches and chruch plants. We are one of their member churches. Rural Ministries have partnered with us significantly to enable us to buy and operate The River Rooms.


These sites provide articles, MP3 downloads of talks and sermon and other things you might find helpful in building up your faith in Christ.

Theology Network - a great resource of theological talks and articles provided by the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.

The sermon - a site of videos of short, succinct, biblical sermons.

Christianity Explored - a site introducing the Christianity Explored Course, which we run as a church from time to time.

Biblical Counselling UK - a great organisation offering resources, training and information for those interested in Biblical Counselling